Trenchless Sewer Repair and Your Home


Trenchless Sewer Repair TechnicianWhen it comes to home improvement, repairs, and maintenance, the bills can add up quickly. On top of taxes, insurance, and the mortgage, most of your paycheck is already spoken for. It makes sense to save money where you can but make sure you don’t scrimp and save in the wrong areas.

We all understand what it’s like to have a budget. Just like the old saying goes – “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Sometimes saving money up front is not always the best course of action. Take building a new house for example: it’s tempting to choose an unlicensed contractor who is experienced and assures you his crew has the necessary skills to build you what you want.

But there are many scenarios that can occur that tack on unexpected fees to your final bill. What if one of the workers gets hurt? What if the structure is not built to correct standards? It’s hard to hold someone accountable if you went into an unofficial contract knowing they weren’t licensed.

The same goes for any major improvement or repair to your home. Consider the issues with your sewage system. If there is a leak, clog, or other problem, you will likely investigate the issue yourself to detect where it is happening. If you can’t find it, you may call your friend or family member to help. When that doesn’t work – it’s time to call the professionals.

Make sure you don’t look up just any Sam, Dick, or Harry to inspect your pipes. They may rip out your walls or dig up your yard unnecessarily, telling you it’s the only way to access the problem. You may think you saved money by calling an “unofficial” plumber who charges lower rates – but if they don’t offer you all the options available for a repair, you’ll end up paying much more in the long run.

Just think, you may have noticed rusty water or know you have a leak somewhere in your sewage system. But you don’t know how to fix it yourself without having to dig everything up. You don’t want to be standing in front of a mess before you call a plumber, so you figure you’ll let them do the dirty work from the beginning.

The guy you call has been in a side business for years, so you think he must be an expert. And he’s charging you much less than a company would, making you feel like you’re saving bundles of money on this repair!

Before you allow anyone to dig up your yard or make a mess of your home, consider the advanced technology that is revolutionizing the plumbing business. Just as advances in technology in all fields has improved, it has for the plumbing business too!  

Trenchless pipe repair is an innovative solution to repairing old or leaky pipes. Just as the name implies, it requires NO DIGGING! In fact, fixing your pipes with trenchless plumbing costs LESS than it would with traditional pipe repair. You’d never know that this was available with the ‘expert’ using traditional methods.

If you live in the Ventura area and are experiencing a problem with your sewage system, make sure you call licensed contractors who use only the best available tools to diagnose and repair your problem. The methods used will be the most advanced in the industry and the work is guaranteed – meaning you’ll save money in the long run and be covered if something goes wrong.

When it comes to home repair, don’t count just the number of pennies spent; make sure each one is spent well.

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