Vent Stack Lining in Ventura, CA

Vent Stack Lining in Ventura CA


As the passageway and opening that ensures proper ventilation of your sewage pipeline, the vent stack is an important and often overlooked facet of a homeowner’s plumbing. However, our professionals are always prepared when it fractures or becomes clogged, so contact your local Roto-Rooter today if you suspect your Ventura home’s vent stack may have a leak or be suffering from corrosion.

We can address the problem of vent stack deterioration with the innovative technique of vent stack lining, which will eliminate harsh odors and prevent future problems that would be caused by continued blockage or corrosion. Vent stack lining is a simple process that, through the advancements in technology, only takes a few hours to complete. Our expert technicians are ready and willing to explain the process as they work, discuss the best solutions, and show you video footage of the vent before and after repair work.
California Vent Stack Lining in Ventura 

The Simple Steps

Vent stack lining is a process that follows the same principles of cured-in-place pipe lining techniques but is specialized to be applicable to vent stacks and account for their vertical installation. These steps include:

  1. Inspection and cleaning of the vent stack
  2. Insertion and inflation of an epoxy-soaked liner in damaged areas
  3. Hardening of the epoxy into a seamless coat on the pipe’s inner wall
  4. The functionality of the pipe is completely restored

We perform our pipe inspection with a high-definition sewer camera mounted on the end of a flexible probe. Our experienced technicians are trained to maneuver the camera, spot buildup and evidence of pipe fragility, and determine the pipe size and material, all of which allow us to tailor the repair as needed. The vent stack is then thoroughly cleaned with pressurized water using our hydro jetting equipment to prevent further deterioration. This step also significantly improves repair work’s efficacy and durability over time.

Next, a liner coated with epoxy is cut to the appropriate length and maneuvered to the damaged area. This can be done through an already existing opening in the pipeline, minimizing the damage to your home. Traditionally, a corroded vent stack would need to be removed and replaced by cutting through your walls or the flooring. With this technique and without sacrificing the quality of the repair, your home is preserved in its original state.

California Ventura Vent Stack Lining service
After insertion, the liner is pressurized and inflated so that it covers the pipe and the epoxy fills in all gaps and cracks. As the epoxy solidifies, the result is a vent stack that operates like new. This solution will endure for years and is compatible with almost all kinds of piping, including iron, steel, copper, clay, and PVC.

Ask About Vent Stack Lining Today

Once that telltale odor begins to alert you of a leak or backup in your vent stack, call Roto-Rooter for assistance. Our experts will find and fix the issue in hours and we are always prepared to tackle any form of sewer line repair as well if necessary. Contact Roto-Rooter today for a repair so quick, easy, and long-lasting that you may not remember you ever had a problem, and for service so great that you will never forget who to call.


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