Sewer Pipe Relining in Ventura, CA

Sewer Pipe Relining service in Ventura CA


If your home in Ventura county is suffering from the effects of sewage pipe damage caused by cracks, corrosion, or pipe misalignment, call your local Roto-Rooter today for a swift resolution. Sewer pipe relining is one possible procedure for fixing damaged pipes. One unique aspect of this approach is that it is trenchless, ensuring that no extensive holes are needed for the repair. For areas without heavy vegetation or other structures, we offer traditional sewer line repair services. However, when your sewer line runs under pavement or trees, consider this trenchless method that provides strong and long-lasting results. This procedure is also often quicker and less expensive than trench-reliant repair methods.

How Trenchless Repairs Address The Problem

We offer several types of sewer lining repairs at Roto-Rooter, depending on the extent of the damage. Pipe coating or cured-in-place piping can repair smaller cracks, while pull-in place piping is a solution for larger gaps. Finally, pipe bursting can address the more extensive types of damage, such as pipeline collapses. These safe, non-hazardous, and generally low-impact forms of trenchless repair can resolve almost any type of issue, including breaks, tree root infiltration, bellied and offset pipes, and problems caused by age, chemical damage, or even off-grade materials. Our experts are well-versed in these methods, and capable of advising on the best way to restore the function of your damaged sewage system.
California Sewer Pipe Relining in Ventura 

How Sewer Pipe Relining Works

Sewer pipe relining entails the recoating or replacement of a sewer line without digging up the existing pipes. The only digging that is typically needed for this process is to create a small exit and entry point for the lining insertion. First, our experts examine and clean the pipes thoroughly to remove blockages and any built-up material or calcification that might interfere with the relining or reduce the repair’s longevity. We will also measure the pipe diameter and the distance and degree of the problem.

The pipeline is then emptied and dried so that it can be repaired according to the type and scope of the damage. At this point, we will discuss the best route for you and your home. However, for common leaks and cracks, the professional installers from Roto-Rooter can insert a precisely cut, slightly smaller pipe that fits snuggly into the existing pipeline, either through a cleanout access or through an access we create. This lining is coated with a liquidized epoxy resin, which allows it to seal off any breaks, gaps, or cracks when it hardens. After curing, it becomes the new pipe, permanently restoring your sewer line.

Without the large trench and extensive yard damage associated with traditional sewer line repair, this process is easier on your home, your wallet, and the environment. You are left with a seamless pipe with proven, long-lasting durability. With proper maintenance, your new sewer line will last up to fifty years.

good Sewer Pipe Relining service in Ventura

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