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Pipe Bursting service In Ventura CA


The City of Ventura has an amazing waste water program. They service 98-percent of the 109,000 residents living in Ventura as well as two additional local areas. What is most impressive about the system in place is that the 8 to 9-million gallons of daily waste water produced by the residents connected to it is transported over 300 miles through sewer lines. It also goes through a total of 14 lift stations until it reaches the Ventura Water Reclamation Facility.

The three step treatment process involves about four days of flowing through wildlife ponds. The treated water is then discharged into the Estuary at Ventura Harbor near the mouth of the Santa Clara River – near where it meets the Pacific Ocean. Some of the treated water is delivered to customers who use reclaimed water from the tertiary treatment plant.

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Recent approval has granted Ventura Water with the rights to provide residential recycled water where residents can go to the treatment facility and fill water containers with what the city refers to as “highly treated, safe, disinfected recycled water.” The recycled water is intended for use in irrigation applications.

Even with such an environmentally friendly approach to recycling waste water, residents of Ventura are well aware of the value of smooth flowing sewer lines. However, in order for the municipal system to run efficiently, your home or business sewer system must also run without problem. One way to identify a drainage issue is if there is pooling in bathrooms, showers or sinks. A foul smell coming from these drains or slow draining after use all point to potential problems with waste water sewage.

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Roto Rooter services Ventura and can conduct an in-pipe, on-site inspection of the lines running from your home or business to the City of Ventura main lines. If a break, leak or clog is located, the plumbers at Roto Rooter will discuss options with you using their trenchless sewer repair technologies. One such repair involves pulling a new pipe into place and pipe bursting the existing one. The method is exactly as the name implies – it bursts a pipe as it replaces it with a new one.

This is done by pulling a bursting head through the existing pipe with a new pipe attached behind the bursting head. With hydraulic equipment slowly pulling the attachments down the line the old pipe breaks apart leaving room for the new one. All of this is completed with just two holes dug in your yard measuring roughly 4-feet square. Once the new pipe is in place, connections are made and the holes are filled in.

Trenchless sewer repairs mean no more giant trenches dug into your yard to remove a sewer pipe. It is also a repair job that is more affordable that trenching and can be completed quicker; often within a few hours depending on the specifics of your sewer repair. To book your appointment or to find out more about trenchless sewer line repairs call Roto Rooter today at (805) 620-3700.


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