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Hydro Jetting service in Ventura CA


High-power water jetting, more commonly known as hydro jetting, is an innovative method of pipe cleaning offered by Roto-Rooter in the Ventura community. In cases where a snaking tool is unable to break through the blockage, or where the clog returns time after time, hydro jetting can often clear your pipes quickly and thoroughly.

How Hydro Jetting Works

After your pipeline has been checked for weakness or cracks using a waterproof, high-definition camera and any clogs have been identified, our experts insert the hydro jetting equipment inside of the pipe. This high-pressure hose and specialized nozzle allow clean water to be ejected into the system, and with the multi-directional nozzle, streams of water are directed to clean the entire pipe surface. In addition, our specialists can adjust the water’s pressure and flow. With water jetting out at pressures up to 4,000 PSI there is some danger associated with hydro jetting if done by someone without our professional training, but this preparation allows the technique to be tailored according to the needs and fragility of your pipes.

The process of cleaning the pipes is relatively quick. The hose is inserted into your drain and the powerful stream of water is emitted in all direction by the special nozzle, thoroughly cleaning out grease and blockages as well as stripping off mineral or organic buildup. Gravity then ensures that the waste drains away, sometimes through a cleanout, or an opening in your pipes that allows materials to empty out of the pipeline. This leaves your pipes fresh and clean, preventing future corrosion and increasing the effectiveness of any subsequent repairs.
Ventura California Hydro Jetting service 

When Hydro Jetting Is Most Effective

At Roto-Rooter, our services can benefit customers outside of emergency situations. In some cases, if it has been over a year since your last pipeline inspection, then we would recommend calling and asking about inspection and hydro jetting as part of regular maintenance. Checking your pipes for any cracks or misalignment, then cleaning out debris and buildup is important for ensuring the long life of your pipes and preventing future mishaps.

Traditionally, hydro jetting is highly effective at removing clogs. Cleaning your drain with pressurized water is an environmentally friendly alternative to using the harmful chemicals contained in commercial cleaners. It is particularly advantageous when you have recurring clogs caused by grease or mineral buildup which cannot be removed by snaking the drain, and since hydro jetting will fully clear away these substances, resulting in a long-lasting solution. It can also be used to break through tough blockages, caused, for example, by heavy tree root infiltration.

Finally, this process is an important step in trenchless pipe repair. At your local Roto-Rooter, we offer trenchless pipe lining, in which we fix damaged pipes by relining them with an epoxy-coated lining that seals the pipe. We can thereby avoid the messy process of digging a trench to access and replace pipes directly. In order for this process to be as effective and long-lasting as possible, we first thoroughly clean the pipeline with hydro jetting.

California Hydro Jetting service in Ventura

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Whether you have a clogged drain or dense waste buildup that needs to be addressed, if you require our hydro jetting services, call the experts at the Roto-Rooter today. If you are a business owner, we also offer hydro jetting as part of our commercial plumbing services as well, and we are happy to assist all of our customers across Ventura.


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