Drain Pipe Repairs In Ventura, CA

Drain Pipe Repairs In Ventura CA


You may have heard many times as a child or young adult to never pour used cooking oil down the kitchen sink. That reminder may often come back to you now as a homeowner, as you hesitate with that pan of bacon grease from breakfast in your hand. Many people assume that flushing the sink with hot water after disposing of used grease can help to prevent clogs in the pipes, but that is certainly not true, as one environmental planner, Elizabeth Martinez, for the Ventura County Watershed Protection District realized.

A Little Grease Down the Drain Causes Major City Sewer Issues

Martinez is just like the rest of us, and even though she hasn’t had to call on a plumber for drain pipe repairs yet, she is sure that by pouring grease down the kitchen sink every now and then will contribute to the buildup of grease deposits in Ventura’s sewage pipes.

All wastewater in the city goes to a treatment plant prior to going into the local rivers and streams. Yet over time, the accumulation of grease and oil can cause backups and overflows with the sewage pipes. That will not only create an ugly mess for the city, but a foul-smelling one as well.

Drain Pipe Repairs service In Ventura

What Should You Do with All That Leftover Grease & Oil?

The next time you think about pouring a small amount of oil down the drain, consider adding it to recycling can instead. There are now oil collection services offered all throughout the Ventura area at restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. The collected grease and oil is converted into useful products such as animal feed, soaps, and bio-diesel fuels.

Here’s an interesting fact about bio-diesel fuels. Disneyland recently converted five of their trains at their Anaheim resort to using bio-diesel fuel made from cooking oil. The trains consume around 200,000 gallons of fuel each year, and half of that fuel is recycled cooking oil.

What to Do If It’s Too Late for your Drain Pipes

You may be thinking about all the oil and grease that’s made its way down your kitchen drain over the years and wonder if there’s no hope for your draining system. But, it’s never too late when you get in touch with your Ventura Roto Rooter.

Their technicians are experts in all types of kitchen plumbing repairs. If you have noticed that your kitchen sink no longer drains as it should, you can call the Roto-Rooter team to clean your drain. They will remove all clogs caused by food debris, mineral deposits, and grease buildup so that your sink will work like new.

Roto-Rooter also specializes in emergency services, so if you own a business such as a restaurant or a hotel, and need immediate drain pipe repairs, you can call on them at any time to take care of your plumbing needs.

California Drain Pipe Repairs In Ventura

Roto-Rooter Can Help with a Broad Range of Kitchen Plumbing Services

Along with drain cleaning and repairs, your Ventura Roto-Rooter can help with faucet repair, garbage disposal installation, and hot water heater issues You can enjoy peace of mind when you contact the #1 plumbing, repair and drain service company in the U.S. You can give them a call at (805) 620-3700, or visit their website to schedule a service call anytime.


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