Sewer Camera Inspection Thousand Oaks

Sewer Camera Inspection in Thousand Oaks


The first step to solving a problem is properly identifying the scope and severity of the problem. Sewer camera inspection is the first step in dealing with any sewer related problems. By conducting an inspection, our plumbing technicians will best know how to accurately and efficiently repair your sewers or drains and restore your sewer system to full working order.

The symptoms of sewer dysfunction can be quite obvious. You may realize that you have a problem when you notice unpleasant smells and slow drainage. However, sewer problems can arise from myriad sources. Our plumbing technicians will need to determine if you are experiencing cracks, blocks, intrusions, or more severe damage.
Thousand Oaks Sewer Camera Inspection service 

Modern available tools make it possible to diagnose sewer problems easily. Sewer camera inspection uses various technologies to complete sewer inspections from above ground, without digging up your sewers. This requires only digging an access hole in order to connect to your sewer system. Via the access hole, our plumbing technicians can navigate tools. In the case of inspection they rely primarily on a very small waterproof camera. The inspection camera sends messages back to the technician throughout the inspection using Closed Circuit Television or CCTV.

Your sewer inspection footage is able to be examined onsite and creates a clear map of any blocks, cracks, or intrusions. It may be determined that a simple cleaning can clear out your system and restore it to full working order. You may, however, find that you have cracks, leaks, and corrosion that can be sealed using sewer pipe relining. If your pipes have been crushed or severely damaged. You may need to replace them. For each of these repairs, we can offer efficient trenchless options that use some of the same technology used in sewer camera inspections.

Sewer Camera Inspection service Thousand Oaks
Sewer inspection and repair no longer need to be viewed as a destructive process. Using methods that allow access to your pipes from above ground saves a lot of time on digging and repairing damage in the aftermath of sewer repair. By first getting a sewer camera inspection, technicians are able to treat your specific sewer problems, and not blindly waste time on unnecessary repairs or excavation. Modern sewer repair definitely works smarter, not harder.

If you have never had a sewer camera inspection or if you are experiencing any kind of sewer issues, you will definitely want to call and schedule a sewer camera inspection. The most important time to schedule a sewer camera inspection is after you have first acquired your property.

Determining the age and ability of your sewers will help you determine how much you will have to budget to take care of them. They may also help you decide if a property is right for you. You don’t want to get settled in, just to find that your sewers have collapsed and your new home or business is uninhabitable.

Sewer camera inspection is all about making the best decision for you, based on the best information. Call us at to schedule your sewer camera inspection in Thousand Oaks, CA.


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