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Plumbing issues can blindside you when you least expect them. When the toilet starts backing up, you know you’re in for a day’s worth of headaches and frustrations. You’ll have to protect you and your family’s health as backups can lead to harmful bacteria that could fester in your home. Worst yet, you’ll have to dig up your newly-landscaped lawn or yard just so you can repair that one section of your sewer line.

Our trenchless sewer repair Simi Valley California service aims to do away with destructive digging for a more efficient repair solution. Roto Rooter is an expert in the no-dig process, using sewer line installations, replacements and repairs to correct almost any sewer line issue you may have in your property. There’s zero heavy machinery, labor costs and re-landscaping required!

Accurate Assessment By Camera Inspection

We inspect your pipes to get to the source of the problem and find out why your plumbing is not working. Your sewer system may be prone to any of these common pipe ailments:

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Tree Roots

Roots from nearby trees may have invaded the cracks in the joints of your pipe, completely blocking the flow.

Bellied Pipes

The pipe weakens over time, and sinks along with the ground.

Corroded Pipes

Iron pipes are susceptible to rusting and corrosion. The structure weakens and breaks or collapses.


There are many reasons for blockage, but the most common ones include foreign debris accumulation, calcified matter buildups and household objects that get flushed down drains and toilets.

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Damaged Piping

Earthquakes and shifting soil can make the pipe crack, break or collapse.

Leaking Joints – When the seals surrounding the joints and the sections break down, leaking can occur. Water escapes and the flow suffers as a result.

Advanced Technology Repair Options

The trenchless technology we implement will depend on your plumbing issue.

Pipe Relining

A special epoxy resin is introduced to the broken section of the sewer line, which then forms a new pipe within a pipe in the exact same length, effectively replacing it.

Pipe Bursting

A bursting head leads the charge and breaks the old pipe, scattering the fragments to the surrounding soil. A new pipe is led to the same position as the broken pipe.

The new HDPE piping material is much stronger than any old pipe you may have in your Simi Valley property. The jointless feature keeps nearby tree roots at bay. There’s less chance of blockage and back ups because of the material’s innate ability to resist calcified buildups. What’s more, you can rest assured that the new pipe will last 50 years or more!

Fast and Dependable, Quality Service

When faced with a leaky pipe, you’ll want to get it fixed ASAP before it turns worse. Roto Rooter is your go-to company for when you need the best trenchless technology within the Simi Valley area. Our technicians are prompt and pay special attention to detail, quickly repiping or sealing the crack and fixing the leak. Our services can restore cracked, collapsed or corroded pipes anywhere in your sewer system and make it good as new!

Call Roto-Rooter now and experience the latest sewer repair in the business!


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