Drain Lining in Simi Valley CA


At Roto-Rooter, we know that drains can become clogged by various organic materials that can create major problems later on, and because of this, we have developed a drain lining solution designed to restore them quickly and efficiently. Our services are reliable and long-lasting, and no matter how severe the damage is in your pipes, you can trust our team of professionals to resolve it. We are proud to have moved away from the past methods of fixing cracked or burst pipes that often resulted in plowing through homeowner’s properties and digging large expanses of trenches before any repairs could even be made. With our trenchless technology and methods readily available, you can have your drains restored within a single day.

Our Roto-Rooter professionals save time from digging trenches and bypass these time-consuming steps entirely, not only saving our customers time and money but also allowing us to allocate our time more wisely. At the start of our visit, we waste no time and immediately conduct an inspection in order to identify the exact cause and location of the problems in your home.
California Drain Lining in Simi Valley 

The first step in any drain lining process is always to conduct a sewer camera inspection to determine what the exact problem is. Through a live video feed, our technicians will be able to give a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of your pipes while guaranteeing that all of our work will be reliable and effective. If drain lining has been agreed on as the best solution for the situation at hand, we will clean the pipeline system through hydro jetting. This equipment utilizes high-pressure water to remove clogs as well as debris along the interior of the pipe, simultaneously allowing us to prepare the pipe for the liner to be installed while removing the presence of clogs and other obstructions.

Our drain lining process involves our technicians assembling a liner and coating it with a special epoxy resin. The liner is inserted into the pipe and inflated to fit along the inside of the pipe perfectly. The resin that coats the outside of the pipe is pressed against the interior diameter of the pipe, and once it is applied, it is cured and hardened against it. It requires an estimate of several hours for the resin to fully cure and harden to become the new liner inside of the pipe, but once it has finished, the result will be a brand new pipe installed inside of the old one without digging trenches or removing the ailing pipe out of the pipe. The liner offers many benefits outside of its quick installation times. Its durability and strength are very high, making it even more effective than PVC pipes. In addition, its smooth texture keeps the water flow consistent and prevent against clog formations and other common problems.

Simi Valley Drain Lining in CA
Our drain lining solution accounts for all of the factors that could have led to the pipeline problem in the first place. Outside elements such as tree root infestation and intense temperature fluctuations are resisted by the material, and the durability and smoothness of the liner also prevents against more common, avoidable problems such as corrosion, clog formations, and leaks in the pipe.

Drain lining is the best solution to any cracks or breaks in your sewer system since it is cost efficient, only takes a day, and does not require digging. For the best service by a company that will always do the job with the highest quality possible, call Roto-Rooter today!


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