Sewer Repair Services in Santa Paula, CA

Sewer Repair Services in Santa Paula CA


Nothing can ruin a day like a sewer problem can. For sewer repair service in and around Santa Paula California, you can count on us – Roto Rooter Ventura.

What Else To Watch For That May Mean A Sewer Line Problem

There are a number of signs to watch for that will tell you that there is something wrong with the sewer pipe that runs underground and across your yard to the street. Because we cannot see the pipes daily it is hard to follow some potential problems until they get to the point where signs are revealed tipping you off to a problem of some kind. Here are two common signs:

The Drains Stink

There is no pretty way to put it. If your drains stink, and we mean really stink, they could be telling you that there is a problem in the sewer system. The drains can be in sinks, the shower or tub, if they all have a sewer gas smell, then you know you have a problem.
Santa Paula California Sewer Repair Services 

The Drains Are Slow

Nobody likes a slow-moving drain. When it is in your tub, shower or any of your sinks it just slows everything else down. A slow-moving drain could be a sign of a clog or some other blockage that is only going to get worse if you don’t get it looked at right away.

What We Will Do For You

Our job is to confirm the problem by locating it. We do this with trenchless technology. In other words, we will look into the sewer line without digging it up and pull it out of your yard. What we will do is dig one or two holes down to where the pipe connection locations are.

Once we do that we will insert a tiny video camera. This gives us eyes inside your pipe and shows us the exact location of a problem as well as what that problem is. After we get to that point, we will discuss your options and go to work. Trenchless sewer repair in Santa Paula, California is less costly than excavation based repairs and take far less time.

California Sewer Repair in Santa Paula

Make Your Appointment Today

For more information on trenchless sewer repairs, contact us today at Roto Rooter Ventura. Those smelly spots in your yard are talking to you and they have no intention of going away anytime soon. However, we have to solution to that problem. You can reach us by phone at 805-715-8211.


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