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Sewer Repair Services in Fillmore CA


At Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Sewer Ventura, we specialize in affordable and eco-friendly drain cleaning services that keep the town of Fillmore, CA functioning at its best. Cleaning your drains can be a stressful and messy task, but that is because it is not a task for home and business owners to do on their own. Drain cleaning is a simple procedure that should be taken seriously. Drains allow us to do basic things on a day to day basis such as wash the dishes, take a shower, and go to the bathroom. If not attended to regularly, drains are subject to excess build-up and debris. It is important to schedule drain cleaning services to ensure that your property does not suffer from any surprise accidents in the future.

California Sewer Repair Services in Fillmore

Sewer Camera Inspections in Southern California

The drain cleaning services we use in the Fillmore area are determined by sewer camera inspections that come before any cleaning service we use. For the sewer camera inspection, a member of our team will locate the cleanout hole on your property. If there is no cleanout hole near the pipe that needs to be cleaned, we will dig a small strategically placed hole to access the pipeline. When the point is established, we will then insert a flexible rod into the pipe that has a high-resolution camera attached to it. As the camera moves through the pipe system, it provides us will a live feed of the interior of your pipeline exposing all imperfections like blockages, cracks, clogs, and leaks. It also can tell our team how old your pipes are and how much debris has accumulated along the interior walls. When all of these vital details are seen, we will have all the information we need to provide you with the most practical cleaning service for home or business.Fillmore Sewer Repair Services in California

Hydro Jetting in Fillmore, CA

Traditional methods of drain cleaning like plunging and snaking are a thing of the past. The drain cleaning services we use at Roto-Rooter Ventura are environmentally friendly and do not involve any harmful chemicals. The most effective form of drain cleaning is hydro jetting. Hydro jetting uses clean water to clear out the interior of your pipes. The drain cleaning process involves a hose with a special nozzle attached to it being inserted into your pipeline. Our technician sprays water in all directions at a high pressure to clear out all of the debris and buildup within your drains. The water is sprayed at a high-pressure that is powerful enough to remove hardened buildup, but not strong enough to damage the walls of your pipes. Hydro jetting is not a one-and-done service. Drain cleaning should be relied on throughout the year to keep your sewer and drainage systems healthy and flowing.

Our team at Roto-Rooter Ventura works tirelessly to provide the town of Fillmore with effective drain cleaning services. If you are experiencing clogged or blocked drains, do not reach for a bottle of do-it-yourself drain cleaner, instead call your friendly industry experts! We are pleased to assist you in staying proactive about your drains.



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