Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Repair Services

Trenchless Sewer RepairA few years ago, even a simple problem with a sewer line meant having to spend days to fix it. Pipes would need to be dug out, repaired, and covered back, which was a costly process. It also meant having to interrupt the water service in the home, so any occupants would need to spend several days at a relative’s house or renting a hotel room while the repairs were finished.
Nowadays, plumbing technology has made digging obsolete, and by using a trenchless sewer repair, the pipes can be fixed from the inside. This is how it is done: first, a small video camera is sent into the pipes. As it travels along the plumbing system, it sends a live video feed to an external monitor, where the technician can evaluate the condition of the pipes and locate any cracks, broken pieces, or loose joints which may be leaking water.
One the problematic area has been diagnosed, the pipe needs to be cleaned out. This is usually done with specialized nozzles that blast any debris with a high-pressure water jet. Not only does this remove any sludge from the pipes, but it also restores their original diameter. After cleaning the pipes, a felt liner coated with epoxy is pulled or pushed into place and inflated. Once the epoxy cures and hardens it acts as a pipe within the pipe, sealing any leaks and replacing any missing or broken pieces.
As a final precaution, an additional video inspection is done to verify that the repair has been done correctly and the problem has been solved. This whole process can be done in less than a day and requires less workforce than traditional trench digging, which makes it more affordable. In some cases, it can also improve the sewer system’s function due to the smooth interior surface the liner has, which can increase the flow capacity of the pipes.