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California Plumber service and Garbage Disposal

At Roto-Rooter, we offer garbage disposal repair services that are conducted with specialized equipment and tools to promote safety and high-quality results. We are proud to offer our customers in California with a variety of repair options to fix plumbing and kitchen appliances in homes, business offices, apartment complexes, and other locations.

Inspecting The Garbage Disposals & Drain Lines In Homes For Problems

When we arrive on your property to conduct our inspection of the garbage disposal, there are various factors and symptoms that we look for in order to create an accurate diagnosis of the situation. The common factors that we look for include:

Garbage Disposal and plumbing in California

  • The garbage disposal is inoperational
    If the garbage disposal simply won’t turn on, it’s possible that the breaker for it may have been flipped off or the reset button may need to be pressed.  Or if the garbage disposal is jammed, this may be indicated by humming sounds when it’s turned on. If our repair steps don’t work, the disposal may have burnt out and our Roto-Rooter expert may recommend replacing the garbage disposal.
  • The garbage disposal doesn’t break down food
    An operational garbage disposal should be able to break down food and drain in a few seconds. If this isn’t happening, the blades could be dull and need to be sharpened. It’s also possible that there may be a clog in the system preventing the food from draining. In either case, our inspection will completely expose the problem and allow us to come up with the best solution.
  • Foul odors are emitted from the garbage disposal drain
    If there are foul odors that can be smelled coming from the garbage disposal even after cleaning the home and kitchen area, this may indicate that food or debris have gotten stuck farther down in the disposal. This will require the assistance of a technician as the whole unit will need to be taken apart and cleaned.
  • Metal grinding sounds in the drain
    Metal grinding sounds could be an indicator that something has shifted in your garbage disposal or something has become lodged in it. However, if it is determined that there is nothing caught in it and the sound continues, then the disposal may need a tune-up. If the technician discovers that the parts are too worn down, the disposal may need to be replaced entirely. 

Plumber and Garbage Disposal in California
Regardless of the problem we identify, we will have the necessary tools and equipment needed to repair and replace components of the garbage disposal as needed. We are always prepared for any situation when we arrive on your property, and our commitment to diagnose the problem as accurately as possible through thorough inspections ensures that our work will be accurate and comprehensive.

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At Roto-Rooter, we are proud to be a leading company in effective garbage disposal repair and replacement efforts. If your garbage disposal isn’t operating properly or you’re experiencing other complications, don’t hesitate to call our experts today at (805) 620-3700!

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