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If you have pipe problems, such as leaks or cracks, you no longer have to dig up your yard or tear out walls to replace pipes that have gone bad. Contact the experts at Roto-Rooter Ventura to ask us about trenchless pipe lining – a minimally invasive, affordable, and environmentally greener way to rehabilitate your existing pipes without having to tear them out and replace them.

What Is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

The pipe lining technique, also called cured-in-place pipe lining, relies on inserting an epoxy-saturated tube into the pipe, inflating it and letting it cure in place. Once the epoxy has hardened, it seals to the walls of the old pipe, resulting in a brand-new pipe that resists future damage and may last up to 50 years.

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How Does Drain Lining Work?

There are a couple of important steps that take place that allow our pipe lining work to be effective. This includes:

  • Drain inspection
  • Drain cleaning

First, our technicians will perform an initial inspection of the pipeline using a waterproof, high-definition sewer camera. During this process, we will measure the diameter of your pipes, as well as identify and document the location of any problems such as cracks, blockages, clogs or tree root intrusion. After the inspection, we will discuss the best solutions to remedy any pipe problems we may have discovered.

Second, we will thoroughly clean the pipes with a nozzle that shoots jets of pressurized water into them. This process removes waste buildup, tree roots, dirt and other blockages in preparation for lining. This high level of sewer cleaning may be sufficient to fix smaller-scale pipe problems such as slow drains and blockages.

Once the pipe is fully cleaned and there is no excess debris in the way, it’s now time to line it. We first measure and cut the liner to fit the dimensions of the pipe. Next, the liner is saturated with a two-part epoxy and inserted into the pipe. A bladder is inflated inside the epoxy-saturated liner, causing it to take the shape of the pipe while it cures in place. After the epoxy has cured, we will remove the bladder, leaving a brand-new pipe in place inside of the existing one. In the last step, our technicians will conduct another video inspection to follow up and ascertain whether the liner has fully resolved the problem.

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How The Lining Process Benefits Residents & Their Homes

Pipe lining is a safe and effective way to restore pipes made from cast iron, clay, PVC, plastic and concrete. Pipe lining is not a solution for orangeburg pipe, which is often found in older homes. In the past, repair projects required large-scale digging and excavation of the entire sewer line.

Trenchless pipe lining has made traditional plumbing a thing of the past. We no longer have to tear out large sections of your yard to repair your pipes. The process can often be complete in one day, causing minimal disruption to you and your family. In addition, there’s no need to repair your property at the end of a trenchless pipe lining project. In most cases, sewer pipe lining comes at a fraction of the cost of conventional dig-and-replace sewer repair methods. It requires less equipment and fewer materials, and a smaller work crew, as well.

Call Roto-Rooter For Trenchless Solutions!

For minimally invasive and affordable repairs that will preserve your property as well as the pipes themselves, call our team of professionals at Roto-Rooter Ventura for details. We are happy to support our customers with innovative solutions that are long-lasting and of the highest standards.


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