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Drain InspectionThere are signs of drainage issues that are often ignored such as gurgling sounds and slow draining. At other times, it gets so bad that it creates an entire backup and clog. Then there are times when the drains seem fine, but what lies within the pipes is far from being in good condition.

It is important to get routine drain inspections to ensure that things are in good condition not only for the present state of the pipes, but also to extend the life of the pipes later on. Drain inspections allow our technicians to tell you the state of your pipes before it’s too late. We can diagnose any issues as well as let you know if a routine cleaning is needed. Cleanings combined with inspections will allow us to maintain your pipes so that they last to their full potential and don’t need replaced earlier than they should be.

Drain inspections are done by using our high-definition camera that is attached to the end of an extended hose. The camera is run through the entire course of the drainage system, taking photos of the inside of the pipes. This does two things. It allows us to access the pipes directly without digging up the yard and accessing them externally. It also allows us to get an up-close-and-personal look at the most important part of the pipes – the inside.

Our technicians are able to review the video and photos of the interior of the pipes and diagnose any premature issues that would need to be fixed to prevent further damage. This saves time and money by allowing you to fix issues before they grow to something bigger.

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