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At Roto-Rooter, our team offers drain cleaning services to keep the water flow in your California residence smooth and consistent. In addition, we are proud to offer regular drain cleaning sessions as proactive maintenance for our customers in the community in order to extend the lifespan and quality of your pipes.

drain cleaning

The Steps Of Drain Line Cleaning

All of our services begin with a sewer camera inspection, and this is the case for our cleaning services as well. A small high-definition camera is inserted into the drain and plays live feedback to the technician. This allows for them to find the location of the blockage and assess if the pipe is strong enough to handle the hydro jetting. It can also identify if you have any additional problems with your drain, like weakened portions or cracks. Finding these early on can help prevent massive problems. 

The cleaning process we employ at Roto-Rooter is hydro jetting. Following the inspection, a hose is inserted below the clog. This allows for gravity to aid in washing the broken bits of debris down the pipe. The hose has two additional attachments. First, it is connected to a water tank that keeps the water pressurized at 4000 PSI. The hose is also fitted with a nozzle that allows the water to be sprayed in 360 degrees so that curves or bends in the drain aren’t left untouched. The power of the pressurized water can cut through thick clogs, but it can also remove small specks and even sticky soap scum. Having even this small debris and residue removed can help prevent a clog from quickly building up again. 

How Regular Drain Cleaning Services Can Benefit Home & Business Owners In California

Hydro jetting eliminates immediate problems, but on top of that, regular drain cleaning sessions are also encouraged to keep your drain lines clean and effective. Sewer pipes can have a tendency to be odorous if there is even a small collection of debris, and it can be challenged to clear out the smell. Cleaning them regularly aids in both preventing and removing the smell, but also keeps the sewer drain functioning properly. Regular cleaning can also prevent hygiene concerns.

Having a large clog in your sewer drain could result in the toilet overflowing when flushed, which can introduce the wastewater into your home. Sewer water can carry multiple types of bacteria and diseases that could lead to health concerns. Additionally, if the clog is able to travel down to the main line where all your household lines connect into one, this could cause severe damage to your home. The backflow might not be limited to one facet, but multiple. Preventing this ahead of time is as simple as calling a Roto-Rooter professional and having them clean away any forming blockages. 

Call Roto-Rooter For Emergency & Regular Sewer & Drain Cleaning Services

Hydro jetting is a simple and affordable service that can help you avoid tremendous problems. A flooded house caused by a blockage could require emergency services and then could take weeks to clean out, and the water damage could cost thousands of dollars in repair. If you’d like to speak to a professional and discuss your options, please give Roto-Rooter a call!

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