Pipe Bursting Services in Ventura


Our conscientious society is all about making the greener choice nowadays. Reduce carbon footprint as much as possible while recycling waste if we can. So what are the possible environmental options when your plumbing has come apart?

The Harmful Way to Do Plumbing

The excavation process of digging up the soil proves to be a headache for both you and mother nature. Lovely lawns and gardens can easily turn into patches of ruined earth. What’s more, your wallet takes a beating even after traditional sewer replacements are carried out. Going trenchless will save you unnecessary costs, inconveniences, and the time consumed by traditional methods.

The Environment-Friendly Way to Do Plumbing

Roto-Rooter maintains an ecological stance in pipe replacement options. Our excellent pipe bursting services in Ventura ensure you won’t be seeing massive dug-up land.  There’d be no mess and no stress for you or your neighbors while we replace any undersized, outdated and failing pipes in your sewer or drain line.  Trenchless technology saves the day by replacing your older, worn out or cracked pipes with new ones made of better material.

How Pipe Bursting Technology Helps Sustainability

The whole process of pipe bursting, from start to finish is a non-invasive form of sewer replacement. Any and all disruptions on the surface are minimized. Service interruptions are made less inconvenient, which is a big plus for business establishments.  Two small holes, one at the entrance and at the exit, would suffice for the entire pipe installation. We use advanced lateral bursting equipment and pneumatic machines to get the toughest plumbing replacement jobs done in a jiffy.

The bursting head is attached in front of the new pipe. It is named as such because the diameter is greater than the diameter of your original pipes. A precision equipment guides the new pipe along the main line, “bursting” the old pipe and sending the fragments harmlessly to the adjacent soil. This method puts the new replacement sewer line on the exact same position as the old pipe.

The HDPE material that makes up the new pipe is 100% eco-friendly and has passed all plumbing safety tests with flying colors. It is jointless as to stave off any roots from nearby trees trying to seek moisture below ground. High quality, durable material wards off common pipe issues such as corrosion, cracking and leaks. You can leave the new replacement pipe to work for you in the next 50 years or so.

Get The Right Plumbing Service

In Ventura, our pipe bursting services can also help you widen the diameter of your existing pipe when you need an upgrade in pipe capacity. The right pipe made of excellent materials will improve flow and make water safe to drink again.

The tools and equipment used in modern trenchless procedures are low emission and rated green for reduced carbon footprint. We take care of any leftover waste and deliver it to specialized treatment facilities.

Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Drain Service delivers sustainable plumbing solutions that save the earth we live in.  Call us today for an environment-friendly trenchless pipe replacement!