Don’t Dig Up Your Sewer Pipes for Repair, Go Trenchless Instead!


Ever been to a restaurant with a faint underlying odor of sewage in the background? No matter how good the food or quick the service, nothing is more disrupting to a good meal than a foul odor lurking in the background.

Sewage problems aren’t reserved only for commercial buildings though. Problems with the sewage system in your home can lead to bigger problems – ones you just can’t afford to ignore. Since sewage pipes are hidden away, many homeowners think if a problem is out of sight, it’s out of mind.

But the truth couldn’t be any farther from that. A rusty pipe can contaminate your water and are one of the first signs before a pipe bursts. Here are some common things to look for to check if your pipes may have a leak, clog, or other problems:

  • The sound of running water could mean trouble in your sewer lines. When you hear running water, try turning off all the faucets and take a peek inside your toilet. If it’s bubbling or you hear water trickling behind the walls, it could indicate there is a leak or problem with your sewage pipes.
  • Sewage pipes are a network of pipes located underground. Their primary purpose is to move wastewater away from your house and connects to the main sewer line. If you notice any discoloration on your flooring or wall, you probably have a leak. Even if you don’t see any discoloration, check your bathroom floor for any spongy spots that seem softer than usual.
  • If you notice any type of odd odor in your bathroom, pay attention! It doesn’t always smell like sewage. If you have a leak, it creates a wet environment where bacteria, mold, and mildew can grow. This can even happen outside, or anywhere where your sewage pipes run. If you experience any unpleasant odors accompanied by bacterial growth, get your sewage pipes checked. A leak could be the culprit to those problems.
  • A dripping sewer line can be a nightmare for your home’s foundation. As the drip continues, water will pool – saturating the surrounding soil and undermining the integrity of your home’s foundation. This could lead to costly repairs so it’s better to prevent such problems by having your pipes checked!
  • If you look around your yard, keep an eye out for areas where plants have particularly healthy growth. It may not be the spot with the best sun, but another reason why plants are thriving. A leak will provide plants with extra water and fertilizer. Also watch out for any sunken spots – which also indicate there could be a sewage leak.
  • Also keep a steady eye out for rodents, who are attracted to the smell of sewage. If you aren’t leaving out plates of food or crumbs all over your floor, there may be another reason the rodents are heading over to your place.

Go Trenchless!

If you suspect you may have a sewer leak or would like your pipes maintenanced, call Roto Rooter in Ventura to have one of their licensed technicians diagnose your sewer system. They have the advanced equipment necessary to locate and service any leaks or faulty sewer pipes you might have.

Using only the best technology, trenchless plumbing can give you brand new pipes without even having to dig up any part of your property! The process is easy and minimally disruptive. In many cases, your pipes could be relined overnight so you don’t lose any hours to having your bathroom out of service!

If you live in the Ventura area, call Roto Rooter for your plumbing needs today!