Septic System Services

Septic System Rules and Regulations

Septic-Tanks-in-groundAccording to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, as a homeowner you’re responsible for maintaining your septic system.

Did you know that you should periodically inspect your septic system and pump out your septic tank?

If properly designed, constructed and maintained, your septic system can provide long-term, effective treatment of household wastewater. If your septic system isn’t maintained, you might need to replace it, costing you thousands of dollars. A malfunctioning system can contaminate groundwater that might be a source of drinking water. And if you sell your home, your septic must be in good working order.

When septic systems are properly designed, constructed, and maintained, they effectively reduce or eliminate most human health or environmental threats posed by pollutants in household wastewater. However, they require regular maintenance or they can fail. Septic systems need to be monitored to ensure that they work properly throughout their service lives.

A key reason to maintain your septic system is to save money! Failing septic systems are expensive to repair or replace, and poor maintenance is often the culprit. Having your septic system inspected regularly is a bargain when you consider the cost of replacing the entire system. Your system will need pumping depending on how many people live in the house and the size of the system.

Septic Tank Tips and Tricks

After you have your septic system inspected and serviced, if necessary, you can take steps to ensure it remains in good working condition. Top four things you can do to protect your septic system:

  1. Regularly inspect your septic system and pump your tank as necessary.
  2. Use water efficiently.
  3. Avoid letting household hazardous wastes into your septic system and don’t dispose of such items in sinks or toilets.
  4. Care for your drainfield (the part of your septic system that treats the wastewater)

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