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A plumber is someone who installs or repairs plumbing. Your commercial plumbing includes the system of pipes and fixtures that provide water to your business.


Why Call a Commercial Plumber?

Many people take their plumbing for granted. In fact, modern plumbing wasn’t widespread until the 19th century with the growth and development of more cities.

Plumbing is a fascinating industry and a respected trade. The word “plumber” dates back to the Roman Empire. And the Latin word for lead is plumbum, which was a prominent metal during the time. In medieval times anyone who worked with lead was referred to as a plumber.

Regardless of its roots, you should always call on a plumber when you have emergency plumbing needs or need plumbing repairs or plumbing construction.

According to an article by CNN, “Their [Plumbers’] duties break out into two categories: Plumbers who handle basic repairs (often in emergency situations), and plumbers who specialize in remodeling projects and additions.”

commercial-plumbingDepending on your needs, realize that plumbers are licensed by the state and are knowledgeable in a way that everyday homeowners and maintenance professionals are not. Plumbers’ years of experience working with water pressure, leaking plumbing and the different pipe materials give them the ability to fix efficiently and expediently what most others would take an outrageous amount of time to do.

People always say it’s best to have a plumber on your speed dial that you know can trust to make the plumbing repairs you need anytime. That way, when there is a plumbing emergency you know you can trust your plumber as an emergency plumber as well.

Full Service Plumber

Count on Roto-Rooter to provide you with help in all areas of plumbing, including septic repair, drain cleaning, toilet repair, sewer line repair, water heater repair, faucet repair and as an emergency plumber as well.

Contact Roto-Rooter in Ventura County at (805) 620-3700 for all your commercial and residential plumbing needs.

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